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Sometimes when two roads of a melodic life journey come together to become one, musical magic happens. Such is the case with Cincinnati based lyricists and musicians, Aaron Patrick and Aaron Bright. The two artists, each in their own touring bands, were selected for a Universal Studios project. Musical momentum and chemistry was generated in their interactions which drew the Aaron's to form Green Light Morning in 2011. With a passion for doing things right, crafting songs with heart and arrangements with soul, Green Light Morning sits in a dazzling place where symphonic expertise comes together to tell a compelling story. The band's performances swing with upbeat rhythms while telling a story of love, life and happiness. Continually upbeat with a side of wisdom, Green Light Morning's songs will entertain, delight and inspire. Audiences find themselves singing along, tapping toes and smiling with delight in no time!



"Green Light Morning, A band seemingly one big break from opening for someone like Train or The Fray"


- Chris DeVille, Columbus Alive (Jan 26, 2012)


"These Ohio Natives are bringing the sound of alternative pop rock back to a mainstream world that’s extremely distracted by dance/electro. . . .In their bio they state that Green Light Morning is a “fresh new writing project based on story-telling lyrics combined with soul and melodic hooks.” I couldn’t have described it better myself."


- Elyse Ketura,


"Sometimes you find a place where musical talent just comes together to create a compelling story. That is exactly the case for the Cincinnati three-piece Green Light Morning. . . . It is The Script meets Lifehouse meets The Fray and could easily suit a sitcom soundtrack or be a soft-rock DJ's top pick."


- Kelly Berger,

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